Ontario Cycle
has now moved is set up at our new location on the west end of Listowel. We are now located at 135 Mitchell Rd. S. (old Bill's Variety) at the corner of Highway 86 (Main Street) and Mitchell Road (see map). We are easy to access with lots of free parking and right on the way to wherever you might be going.

Be sure to stop in and say hello and check out our new store, great selection and enjoy the savings on select in stock bicycles and more.

Sale applies to in-store merchandise only.


Check your edges after each skate. It's easier to have them sharpened after you skate rather than remembering right before you skate.

  1. Keep your skates dry. Not only the blades (especially non-stainless steel) but the boots as well. Remove them from your bag so they dry completely before your next skate. Wet skates deteriorate quicker, are heavier to skate in and SMELL really bad for your favorite skate sharpener! NOK OUT will solve the smell problem and sanitize the skate as well.
  2. Also, if the foot beds in your skates are removable take those out too. This will reduce the chance of your skate rivets from rusting.
  3. Check the eyelets in the boot, especially around the ankle flex area, these get the most pressure and are usually the first to become damaged. The next are those closer to the toe, these are prone to damage from other skates.

Because to Skate Your Best,
You Have to be Able to Rely on Your Blades...

Whether you're a figure skater or a hockey player, good skate sharpening is one of the best kept secrets to peak performance.  After all, you need to feel confident that the flow of the blade is smooth and easy.

If you're a figure skater, you're judged on your ability to control your edges--something that skate sharpening directly affects.  Good skate sharpening can mean the difference between hitting or missing a jump...or even winning or losing a competition!