Good Skate Sharpening

Consistency is the key to good skate sharpening, skate blades which have been poorly maintained are harder to sharpen and do not perform well.

The life span of a poorly sharpened skate blade can be less than half that of blades sharpened and maintained properly.A good profile and proper radius (depth of hollow) allows the skates to work with the skater.

Skating on the ice not in the ice. A clean accurate radius will produce equal bite angles, improving a skater’s confidence in the blades and reduces body compensations.

If the blades are poor quality steel, rusted, or have been overheated by a bad sharpening, they are considered to be weak. Weak edges wear down quickly and are prone to breaking off leaving behind a false edge.

Some skate sharpeners try to solve this problem by sharpening with a deeper radius, but this only compounds the problem.The deeper hollow gives the skater an edge, but the skate will control the skater and we all know the number one factor in skating is SKATER CONTROL.

Because to Skate Your Best,
You Have to be Able to Rely on Your Blades...

Whether you're a figure skater or a hockey player, good skate sharpening is one of the best kept secrets to peak performance.  After all, you need to feel confident that the flow of the blade is smooth and easy.

If you're a figure skater, you're judged on your ability to control your edges--something that skate sharpening directly affects.  Good skate sharpening can mean the difference between hitting or missing a jump...or even winning or losing a competition!

In hockey, the right sharpening can allow you to elude checks better, score more goals, make more steals--even make the team or get a starting position!

Ontario Cycle has sharpened for the Primeau Hockey School and their instructors – we have had the good fortune to have trained with Sidney Broadbent whom has been branded the father or pioneer of skate sharpening. This intense training has enabled us to gain powerful knowledge on the most advanced sharpening information that we pass on to ALL of our clients.

Don't settle for a standard one-size-fits-all sharpening.  Choose a professional, custom sharpening from Ontario Cycle that allows you to specify individual preferences for depth of hollow, radius, and profile. Ontario Cycle offers both classic Radius of Hollow (ROH) and the new Flat Bottom V (FBV) so you can choose the sharpening that best suits your skating style for maximum performance! 

Oh, and if you're not sure what to request?  Let our experienced technicians give you custom recommendations based on your level of skating, the ice conditions you skate on, personal preference, blade type, and more.

Remember: to skate your best, you have to be able to rely on your skates.  Ontario Cycle custom sharpening system gives you a consistent result, EVERY TIME!